Agricultural Nets

Construction Nets

Modern & Cutting Edge Industrial Facilities

Selecting top-quality raw materials


OLIVENET produces high-quality multi-application nets and has been awarded the quality system ISO 9001:2008 certification by TÜV Austria. Constantly pursuing excellence in improvements.


Since 1990 OLIVENET has been innovating at all stages of production process, taking advantage of know-how and enjoying great confidence from a large customer base in Greece and abroad.


Multi-application Nets are manufactured in Greece, in modern and high tech owned installations, with production process priorities, quality control, environmental policy and safety regulations.


In OLIVENET SA, our vision is to supply nets to our customers with consistency and professionalism. To actively participate in innovative development in the production sector and not only.

world map olivenet sales

This effort has been paid off and Olivenet's products are now sold in different market segments; the company success is, day by day, confirmed via the continuous appreciation given by the customers.

30 years of expertise and evolution, in manufacturing competitive high quality products.

Order nets

Net for Olive Collection

Suitable for food

Harvest Netting
non toxic net

Permanent Bedding Nets

Durability in long term usage

permanent harvesting net
agriculture net

Reinforced Sacks

100% aeration

Harvesting Sacks
Anti Hail Netting

Anti-Hail Protection Nets

According to ELGA specifications

Hail application net
Monofilament Shade Cloth

Shading Nets

Absolute sun protection

Monofilament Shade Net
windbreak Fencing

Windbreak Nets

Extreme Weather Resistance

wind protection
anti hail net

Watermelon Protection Nets

Specialized use of specific types of crops

agriculture net
nets for raisin

Raisin & Fig Nets

Flawless application to natural drying

natural drying net
Εντομοστεγή δίχτυα Olivenet Fanourakis

Εντομοστεγή Δίχτυα

Άψογη προστασία

Εντομοστεγή δίχτυα Olivenet Fanourakis
fence net supplier

Road Protection Nets

Preffered partner for top projects

Construction Barrier Net
HDPE Scaffold netting

Scaffolding Nets

Working in high attitudes with safety

construction net
parking shadow nets

Parking Netting

Multiple benefits in shading applications

parking nets
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