OLIVENET’s high density polyethylene monofilament nets, in combination with high quality plastics, are covering a variety of applications,varying from open field crop protection up to construction applications.

Net for Olive Collection

Olivenet’s olive collection net is the market’s most advanced, high-quality and tested according to international standards, net. It is easy to use, light and dense to avoid losing olive seeds during your harvest. Particularly resistant to heavy use and harsh soil conditions.

Permanent Bedding Net

Olivenet Permanent bedding net is used to collect-pick up olives and other fruits that have come from a natural fall. Olivenet’s Permanent bedding net has reinforcements with dense knit along the net for greater stability and pulling resistance.

Reinforced Sack

διχτυωτό σακί ελαιοσυλλογής

Olivenet produces eco-friendly sacks for olive collection made from excellent quality net of high durability. They are the appropriate sacks for olive picking due to being non-toxic and have no effect on the products that come into contact with the nets. These are the appropriate sacks for storing and transporting the olive from the field to the mill.

Olivenet Hail Protection Net 

Olivenet Hail Protection Net is made according to ELGA (Greek Agricultural Insurance Organization) specifications. It features triple reinforcement (ends and center) so as to meet producer needs, providing many years of guaranteed protection from hail. This is the right net for protection of grapes and other tree crops from hail and heavy rainfall.

Windbreak Net

Olivenet’s windbreak net is used to protect your property (hothouses, plantations, cultivations, etc.) from adverse weather conditions and strong winds. It can also be used as fencing net.

Shading Nets

Olivenet’s shade net protects effectively crops from the sun and the ultraviolet radiation. It is very efficient in creating shaded areas, such as required for flower gardens, greenhouses and creates an ideal, protective micro-climate that allows seeds, fruits, vegetables, potted plants and flowers to thrive.

Watermelon Protection Net

Olivenet’s crop protection net is used to protect watermelon growing from inclement weather, but mostly from the wind. Its main advantage is that it creates a microclimate around the crop so as not to hinder its growth.

Building & Construction Protection Net

Olivenet’s protection net is used in the building industry for the protection of scaffolding.

Safety Nets

Olivenet’s safety precautions net is used in the field of construction and particular construction sites for fencing and marking. This type of safety net is the right product for marking of hazards in projects, especially on the road axes.

Parking Shading net

Olivenet’s  Parking  lot shelter against UV radiation and heat, is suitable for use in shelters due to dense knitting and high shade index. It releases warm air through its special structure and provide a noticeable temperature difference to protect the color of the car housed and its interior as well.