Loyal and continuous presence of “Olivenet S. Fanourakis & CO” at the 27th Agrotica Exhibition of Agricultural Machinery, Equipment & Supplies.

For the second time OLIVENET – S. FANOURAKIS & Co. Ltd. participated in Agrotica, marking high traffic at its stand. We were very pleased to see that Olivenet no longer needs special Recommendations.

This year’s 27th Agrotica recorded a significant increase in the total number of visitors to Olivenet’s showroom compared to previous years. Visitors’ interest in products of high quality that respect the consumer’s needs, but also at the same time are environmentally friendly, has also increased.

Thank you so much for your visit to our stand and your interest in our innovative products.

Olivenet also reserves for the next “appointment” at Agrotica 2020, with even more innovative products and solutions.

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